• Corporate Identity
    A clearly defined Corporate Identity will increase sales and efficiency by 200% almost overnight. It will supercharge hiring and training and create a corporate environment where everyone is moving in the same direction. This is the first step to real corporate growth and prosperity.
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    Stop paying per click. Ritchie Havok will show you the 6 secrets to exponentially increase your internet traffic without paying Google a dime.
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What We Do


Ritchie Havok is a full service marketing, business consulting, and advertising firm committed to providing clients a full array of services and professional talent to meet the challenges of the digital age and the new global economy.



Our production team and account planning group can support any size account and media plan. We have clients who utilize Ritchie Havok solely as their advertising and media partner, but we like to be involved in other areas like corporate identity, marketing research and outcome studies, and sales and corporate efficiency.


The Ritchie Havok team of professionals bring top line talent, business experience and creative savvy to every project. Our overall strategy is to coordinate all the areas impacting business profits to move in the same direction.


Besides contemporary media plans, most of what we do when it comes to planning is not revolutionary. Our new and creative strategies and tactics for implementation are what separate Ritchie Havok from the other agencies; we just do it smarter, better, and more creatively.


Call and speak to one of our Executive Consultants. Unlike other agencies these are highly trained individuals from many parts of the business world here to consult, not sell. The Ritchie Havok Core Narrative say's, "our only business is helping yours." That begins right from the start. We want you to know what your plan is and what you need before you speak to someone focused on what it will cost for Ritchie Havok to accomplish parts of your plan.



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We help build companies of all kinds :


  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Internet Companies
  • New Ventures
  • Chiropractic
  • Food Suppliers
  • Banks
  • Boarding Schools
  • Clothing Manufacturers
  • Book Sellers
  • Professional Services
  • Magazines
  • Retail Stores
  • Designers
  • Inventors
  • Travel Agency
  • NewsPaper
  • Sports Teams
  • Athletic Associations
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