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Holiday Special through December 2019!

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There are thousands of people offering business growth webinars, seminars, and systems for growing your business sales and internet marketing! Facebook ads and other marketing that claim having the webinar that can quadruple profits are only increasing the sales and profits for those offering these business growth seminars. Quadrupling profits can only be accomplished by a coordinated business strategy that includes, branding, sales, marketing, financial management, and a corporate culture where every Core Profit Center is moving in the same direction.

If your business Core Narrative isn’t supported by a highly effective Corporate Pitch, you’re likely on your way out of business.

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Is Your Company's Corporate Pitch Ready to Steal Market Share?

A corporate pitch or convention pitch is the central marketing message your company offers prospective clients and customers.  When created right, stuffed with gripping facts, incites, and information, your pitch will attract all your dream customers and keep you in their minds until they purchase.

The Only Questions that matter!

If you are placed in a gigantic convention room and the entire audience is completely comprised of your most perfect prospects, are you ready effectively pitch your company’s products and services right now? Could you walk out on that stage and present to every one of them and do it with riveting information, graphics, and powerful facts that will motivate and seize their attention?

If not, you are missing a central ingredient to supercharge your business, quadruple your profits, and slaughter the competition.

Let’s change the situation a little and say the attendees are at this event for many reasons and NOT just to simply listen to you. If you don’t grab their attention they will most likely leave after few short moments. After 30 seconds of your pitch how many would stay? How many would be captured by your words and want to hear more?

This represents the ideal situation with some reality mixed in. Identifying your best customers and then presenting them with facts and information that leaves them with no alternative but to do business with you is the goal of any great presentation. 

If your presentation is a slam dunk your business should be thriving.
If it's not you are probably going out of business.

What does a killer corporate pitch accomplish?

  • Coordinates: Coordinating employees, customers, branding, finance, research, advertising, and training
  • Motivates: Motivate employees, leadership team, your best customers, and content creators
  • Organizes: Organizes all of the Core Profit Centers from financial management to internet marketing research
  • Educates: Educate and train your entire work family, customers, and even your competitors.

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Our Fearless leader!

Chuck Kanner is a game changer wherever he works. Educator, entrepreneur, social activist and author, he has spent the last 35 years moving at light speed.

By 19 Chuck had sold services to 20 Fortune 500 companies, including, Eastman Kodak, Procter & Gamble, Time, GE, Warner, and Bristol-Myers. He successfully negotiated contracts with 40 of the most influential companies in New York City to build the largest messenger service of its day. When the messenger business came to an end with the advent of the fax machines, Chuck went to work in the stock market as a broker becoming one of the three youngest brokers ever hired at Thompson McKinnon.

In 1997, alongside his wife Cara, he moved his energy toward helping struggling kids and families. For the next 15 years they ran Sarasota Community School and Kanner Academy serving over 700 students at their SACS accredited day and boarding schools. These schools did away with most medications and “psychotherapy” and focused on relationship and community self-government.  Chucks education in Sociology and his history as a Gestalt psychotherapeutic practitioner put him in a place to lead a community of kids, families and faculty  

You Corporate Identity Starts With

Core Narrative

What is a Core Narrative?

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