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Chuck Kanner is a game changer wherever he works. Innovator, educator, entrepreneur, social activist and author, he has spent the last 35 years moving at light speed.

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By 20 years old Chuck had sold services to over 20 Fortune 500 companies, including, Eastman Kodak, Procter & Gamble, Time, GE, Warner, and Bristol-Myers. He successfully negotiated contracts with 40 of the most influential companies in New York City to build the largest messenger service of its day. When the messenger business came to an end with the advent of the fax machines, Chuck went to work in the stock market as a sales broker becoming one of the youngest top-earners ever hired at Thompson McKinnon.

From there Chuck went on to innovate, design, and sell one of the world’s first designer blue jean lines for Jordache Jeans. The outerwear division sold $50 million in his first season.

In 1997 Chuck, along with his wife Cara, moved their energy toward helping struggling kids and families and for the next 15 years they ran Sarasota Community School and Kanner Academy serving over 400 students at their SACS accredited day and residential boarding schools. These schools did away with most medications and “psychotherapy” and focused on relationship and community self-government.  

Today Chuck is the CEO of Ritchie Havok International and Quadruple Profits, an award winning full service specialty marketing and advertising agency.  He is a Corporate Growth Hacker and Organizational Development superstar always looking to help entrepreneurs and business mangers grow their business and slaughter the competition. His sales prowess and ability to find the “actions” that will exponentially grow business is a remarkable talent he shares with everyone he encounters.  

He still speaks at conferences and schools and has authored several articles and chapters on topics ranging from online marketing and advertising to education.  

Quadruple Profits Chuck Kanner Bio Image
Advertising and marketing Guru Chuck Kanner

Chuck Kanner is the most accessible CEO in America. Time is valuable, and Chuck makes space in his schedule every week to speak directly with business owners and managers about their businesses. This is unique in an industry where gurus, seminars, and webinars are the popular way for marketing agencies to build lists and make contact with entrepreneurs and business managers.  Book a free 20-minute appointment today and you will see why we are the fastest growing marketing agency in America.

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