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What are Core Profit Centers?

Either all Core Profit Centers are working in coordination to quadruple your business, or you are likely on your way out of business!

There is no more important strategical move to quadruple profits than to increase the efficiency of  your Core Profit Centers.

At this is our main focus at Quadruple Profits. Many of the so-called business gurus and growth hacker will give you ideas about list building, website SEO rankings and Goggle reviews.  While these are all import projects to increase your visibility and sales prospects, if you don’t have all the Core Profit Center working in the same direction much of this is wasted energy. 

Efficiency is the grease that allows for the exponential growth of any business. To accomplish the goal of quadrupling profits, and not just sales and marketing efforts, entrepreneurs must be laser focused on all the crucial aspects of their business.  Click here to see what these Core Profit Centers on and how you can start to coordinate them in ways that will immediate impact your bottom line.

Reading about business growth hacking techniques is interesting, but talking about your particular business strategies and tactics creates a powerful first step in understanding how you can implement the Quadruple Profits model.

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What are the Core Profit Centers?

Are Your Company’s Core Profits Centers Rock Solid and Efficient?

Since there are only 24 hours in every day, the only path to durable success is doing things smarter and more efficiently, with great consistency.  This is what separates the winners and losers. The problem in most companies is not the products or services being sold, but in the skills and creative innovation the entrepreneurs and managers apply to the core profit areas of their business. At Quadruple Profits we have broken these down into 10 areas of success and named them the Core Profit Centers.

My local diner serves the best cheeseburger deluxe I have ever eaten. 150 people eat there on a good week. Two blocks away is a “Fortune 500” burger franchise that serves 150 people an hour. I assure you the difference is not the quality of the meat, but the prowess of each executive that has a laser focus on these 10 Core Profit Centers.

Once your business model and systems are rock solid, consistency and efficiency are the wind under your feet rocketing you to the finish line. Our overall strategy is to supercharge these 10 centers, and coordinate them to look and feel consistent, and moving in the same direction. I have written a report, “10 Areas of Consistent Focus to Quadruple Profits and Transform Your Business: The Core Profit Centers.” This paper outlines these ten areas of success, the impact they have on your bottom line, and how to supercharge each one to quadruple your profit margins increase the money in your pocket.

Ten Core Business Profit Centers

  1. Corporate Identity-Narrative
  2. Financial Management
  3. Branding and Design
  4. Marketing and Sales
  5. Human Resources
  6. Corporate Culture
  7. Internet Presence
  8. Policies, Procedures and Planning
  9. Time Management
  10. Consistency and Efficiency

How Research Proves Your Case and Helps You Slaughter the Competition.

Increase your closing ratios by 40% with a great corporate pitch!

How your Corporate Identity will Quadruple Profits.

  • Coordinates: Coordinating employees, customers, branding, finance, research, advertising, and training
  • Motivates: Motivate employees, leadership team, your best customers, and content creators
  • Organizes: Organizes all of the Core Profit Centers from financial management to internet marketing research
  • Educates: Educate and train your entire work family, customers, and even your competitors.

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By 19 years old Chuck had sold services to 20 Fortune 500 companies, including, Eastman Kodak, Procter & Gamble, Time, GE, Warner, and Bristol-Myers. He successfully negotiated contracts with 40 of the most influential companies in New York City to build the largest messenger service of its day. When the messenger business came to an end with the advent of the fax machines, Chuck went to work in the stock market as a broker becoming one of the three youngest brokers ever hired at Thompson McKinnon.

In 1997 Chuck, alongside his wife Cara, moved their energy toward helping struggling kids and families. For the next 15 years they ran Sarasota Community School and Kanner Academy serving over 700 students at their SACS accredited day and boarding schools. These schools did away with most medications and “psychotherapy” and focused on relationship and community self-government.  Chucks education in Sociology and his history as a Gestalt psychotherapeutic practitioner put him in a place to lead a community of kids, families and faculty  

Business Growth Hacker Chuck Kanner
Advertising and marketing Guru Chuck Kanner